VectorPoint Ventures is a seed through early growth stage purpose-driven
impact venture firm and advisory team.

Motivated to make a positive difference in the world with our work, VectorPoint’s team launched VectorPoint Impact Partners L.P. (VIP) to fund and accelerate
emerging companies that are addressing some of society’s most pressing

We find and cultivate great investment opportunities that are also big ideas to
change the world. VectorPoint Impact Partners’ objective is to provide superior investment returns to investors while doing good by catalyzing and accelerating
the development of businesses that create lasting positive social and/or environmental impact in the world.

The VIP Fund is an attractive deployment platform and source of early stage
impact investment exposure for investors. Our primary areas of focus are life sciences & health and clean technology sector companies that are based in the
United States and Canada.

We select portfolio company investment opportunities and structures that have a reasonable likelihood of investment liquidity in 3-8 years.

In North America we operate in an environment of rapid innovation, and innovation thrives when research universities, industry, entrepreneurs, government agencies and funding partners collaborate. We pursue alliances that bring deep value to portfolio companies and their stakeholders. We seek to work with motivated entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of innovation, teaming with them to scale their companies. Our team brings value beyond capital to companies we work with, helping accelerate growth and return.