VectorPoint Ventures’ team advises or makes investments in rapidly growing companies with high potential or proven business models, potential for or a history of healthy revenue and earnings growth, and the leadership capable of sustaining that growth. Often, these companies are looking for a partner to help them achieve scale and expand. When seeking potential advisory clients or investments, VectorPoint’s team looks for eight primary characteristics:

  • Potential for significant social and/or environmental impact
  • Highly qualified and entrepreneurial management team
  • Proprietary technology or unique product or concept
  • Sustainable or potential for competitive advantage
  • Demonstrated or potential market acceptance
  • Poised to achieve significant growth quickly
  • Likelihood of a good return on invested capital
  • Prospect for investment liquidity within a determinable period of time


We are primarily seed and early stage focused, advising and investing in pre-revenue companies; emerging-stage ventures at the initial revenue generation stage; and later accelerated growth stage companies. We prefer to work with companies where we see both that there is potential for long-term financial returns and harmony among VectorPoint’s team and the management team, board of directors, owners and other stakeholders of portfolio companies.

When we are investors, whether we are lead investor, co-lead investor or simply another financing round participant, we prefer to co-invest side-by-side with other investors in order to bring the deepest strategic pool of resources and contacts to our portfolio companies. We seek advisory or impact investment opportunities across a range of sectors, which include, but are not limited to:

Life Sciences:

  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Health
  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Consumer Wellness
Clean Technology:

  • Energy & Resource Efficiency
  • Water Technologies
  • Sustainable & Precision Agriculture
  • Advanced Materials & Chemistry


VectorPoint primarily focuses on opportunities in the greater Northwest region. Our core team members are based in and/or regularly visit the major cities major cities in the greater Northwest region. We will also give consideration to opportunities from other regions; primarily those that are referrals from our trusted network of advisors, entrepreneurs, company executives, investors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and other VectorPoint affiliates and friends. The wide reach and ongoing expansion of our proprietary opportunity network enables us to source a deep and diverse river of new investment opportunities from the sectors we are interested in.