Duffy DuFresne


Duffy has 40 years of experience in the life science industry. This experience includes positions in medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Early in his career he worked in a variety of strategy, finance, marketing and general management roles, both domestic and international, for Baxter Laboratories. Duffy subsequently became the Managing Director for the Canadian subsidiary of Boots Pharmaceutical. In the past 25-30 years, he has served as President or CEO for a number of biotech and medical device firms, primarily based in the New England area. These firms include ConjuChem, Inc., Anika Therapeutics, Zelos Therapeutics, Pacgen, and Ischemix Inc. Duffy has raised ~$250 million in equity for the companies he has run, encompassing investments from public offerings, venture capital investors and angel investors. He has IPO’ed two companies and has negotiated a number of partnering/licensing agreements. He has overseen the successful preclinical and clinical development of many biopharmaceuticals and medical devices in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Duffy serves or has served on multiple corporate boards as well as the Board for the Portland chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. He previously chaired the strategic advisory group for OHSU and the annual conference for the Oregon Bioscience Association. He has previously been on the business/investment advisory board for two venture capital funds (T2C2 in Montreal, Canada and
Seaflower Ventures in the Boston area).
Duffy relocated to Portland, Oregon for personal reasons in 2012. Subsequently, he has consulted for several firms and has served as a business advisor to a number of early stage life science firms. He is an active biomentor at OTRADI (Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute) and is an active member of the Keiretsu Forum, a nationwide group of angel investors. Duffy is a founder and partner in Alignment Ventures. He currently serves as CEO for two early stage OHSU spin-out firms, Neuralexo and OmnEcoil Instruments. Duffy graduated from Harvard University in 1974 with a BA degree in history. He received an MBA degree with honors from Harvard in 1978.

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