Hannah Kullberg


Hannah is a food startup community & ecosystem developer. While co-founding and scaling The Better Bean Company she intimately experienced the barriers to success. Since exiting from the company in 2018, she has become a business consultant and advisor. As a business advisor to the Small Business Development Center’s “Getting Your Recipe to Market Program” she helps launch numerous new companies into the ecosystem every 6 months. She has taken steps to make this next phase more navigable. Her first project is a Google Group for founders and leaders of Pacific Northwest Packaged Food & Beverage companies. It is now an active and growing community where members resource connections and solutions from each other. Hannah is also involved in BUILT Oregon as a mentor to the food companies in the BUILT accelerator.

Hannah obtained a BA in Geography from Vassar College in 2010. She studied food systems & worked on a non-profit educational CSA farm. She was an active organizer in the Real Food Challenge and Kick-Coke Campaign. Returning to Portland she served on the Portland Food Policy Council and Portland Public Schools Wellness Committee. Through her experiencing building a mission-driven business, she found business to be a more nimble and immediate vehicle for change. She is active in the B Corp business community and is currently enrolled in Lift Economy’s Next Economy MBA program.

Hannah is highly passionate about building regenerative economies. She also aims to make entrepreneurship & investing more accessible to Millennials, so that we can participate in shaping our world through business.

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