We want to help build long-term value in the exceptional companies we work by supporting them in a variety of ways as they grow. At VectorPoint we believe that our role as an advisor and mentor and/or investor is to collaborate with the company board and senior management with a focus on:

  • Strategy
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial discipline
  • Executing accelerated growth strategies

We know that people and relationships are often the secret sauce to effectively getting important things done.  We do not seek to run day-to-day portfolio company operations as this is the role of company management.  We seek to closely align our interests with those of other investors, board members and management.

We are active advisors and investors and as such we seek to assist our portfolio companies by serving on the board as a director or as an advisor and observer, supporting consistent, rational decision-making with respect to operational issues, growth strategies and exit opportunities. We believe in being a steady hand and in building long-term relationships with our investors, clients, portfolio companies, entrepreneurs and co-investment partners.

As a value added investor VectorPoint provides not only seasoned advice and capital, but also access to people.  We stick with our entrepreneurs for the long run and are committed to helping our client or portfolio company boards and managers execute clear, sound strategies and to assist them in improving their good ideas.  Our operating approach is to follow clear pathways to success while also challenging conventional wisdom; serve as a sounding board for our management teams and other stakeholders; access and refer talent; and help get things done.